Inverter Battery

An inverter needs a battery in order to provide the required AC power for your household devices. There is a wide range of batteries available on the market and they are labeled with a variety of different specifications. These specifications can seem like a mystery and are often misinterpreted, especially in an inverter set up. Let's take a few moments go over these specifications and explain how to calculate the specifications that apply to an inverter system.

Planning to buy a new inverter, battery, inverter battery combo or upgrade the old one? Whatever the reason, it is very important to understand the right inverter and battery for your home. Want to choose the best configuration?

    Some requirements for Inverter Batteries :

  • What is your Power requirement?
  • What VA rating will you need basis your requirement?
  • What will be the right battery for your inverter?
  • What do we want? - Single Battery or Double Battery.
  • Which Battery plate type is required?
  • Consult with Technical Person.

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