Inverter/Home UPS

Inverter: It is a simple device that stores electricity from the grid in a battery and uses the DC (direct current) power from battery and converts it into AC (alternating current) that is used by appliances. Inverters are generally good if you want backup for small household appliances like lights, fans, TV, computers, etc. However these days' bigger inverters can also support Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Mixer Grinders. But then adding these big appliances significantly increases the size of Inverter-Battery system and it is best if one can avoid using them on Inverter.

    So what do you need to know?

  • 1 Fan - Fans Consume 75-90 Watts. For calculation we take 90 watts.
  • 1 tube light - Assume 45-50 watts for standard tube lights. 28 watts for T5 tubelights.
  • 1 CFL - 25 watts (default) or take the actual number if known.
  • 1 Television - LED TVs take 30-100 watts depending on size. LCD TVs consume 50-150 watts.
  • Desktops consume 120-250 watts depending on type.
  • Laptops consume about 50 watts.
  • Mixer Grinder would also be about 350 watts.

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